Anthropological Theories- IV


Course No.: Anthro 305
Course Title: Anthropological Theories-IV

Purpose of the Course:
The aim of the course is to look into the shift of anthropology from the formal and society-centered paradigms toward more individual and action centered concerns. It also highlights the divergences and confluences of paradigms through explaining the newer forms.  

Brief Content of the Course:
The decades of 1970s and 1980s saw a move from structuralism to post structuralism with a growing interest in culture and social action. The main emphasis of this course is on the explanation of action, the scrutiny of power and the deconstruction of the writer as a creator of discourses.

Detail Syllabus:

  1. Post structuralism and anthropology: A brief review of the ideas and works of Derrida, Althusser and others.
  2. Action-centered and processual approaches in anthropology: Transactionalism and Fredrik Barth; the Manchester School and Max Gluckman; Processualism and Edmund Leach.
  3. Culture, structure and agency: Pierre Bordieu’s Practice Theory.
  4. Psycholinguistic approaches to culture and the self: Post Freudian theories on self and society; The Frankfurt School; Jacques Laca; Post Lacanian psychoanalytic cultural theory; Post modern psychoanalytic cultural theory.




Reading List:

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