Purpose of the Course:
The course will expose the students to the ethnographic knowledge of how anthropology analyzes issues such as rural poverty, environmental degradation and the globalization of trade. They will also gain an understanding of anthropological critiques of development theory and projects as well as know the methods used by anthropologists to study development projects. The students will also achieve knowledge on environmental issues, especially on those that have a direct developmental dimension.

Brief Contents of the Course:
Faith in twentieth-century development and progress has been severely shaken by the environmental crisis and the failures of international development assistance. What is development? What is the third world? How was it made? What problems does it face and how is it changing? What are the causes of failure in development/aid programs? Drawing on a variety of ethnographic materials and case-studies, this course discusses the nature of economic and social changes in post colonial societies and underdeveloped areas in the West/North, offers a critical analysis of sustainable development, and introduces the students to the practices, anthropological and otherwise, of planning policy interventions. The course is designed to provide the students with an analytical foundation on theories of development, sustainable development and nature-society relationship. The course introduces two dominant approaches to the question of sustainable development: economic and political Emphasis will be put on theories of environmental politics and political ecology. The course provides an overview of the growing and diverse body of literature on political ecology along with its analytical relevance to rural livelihoods research and environmental management issues.

Detail Syllabus:

  1. Introduction: Meaning of Development; History of Anthropology and Development; Brief Review of Basic Theories of Development
  2. Post Development Theory: Economic development as discourse and representation
  3. Sustainable Development: History and Critique of the Concept; Political Ecology Approach to Global Environmental Changes and Development.
  4. Culture Centred Approaches: Development as Freedom, Movementand Aspiration; Implications of a Cultural Perspectives for Public Policy and Development Planning
  5. Action Research, Participatory Approaches and Development Planning
  6. Applied Anthropology in Bangladesh: Development Programmes, Development interventions of Development Agencies, NGOs and grassroots organizations in Bangladesh.
  7. Entrepreneurships, especially in rural area.
  8. Importance of finance in entrepreneurships in poverty reduction.
  9. Case studies of successful interventions: PKSF, GRAMEEN BANK, BRAC, ASA, BIRD, BOGRA RURAL ACADEMY ETC. 



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