Visual & Media Anthropology Program

Background and Overview of the Visual and Media Anthropology Studies Program

The department of Anthropology had prepared a perspective plan in 2010 which envisioned to be recognized in 2035 as: (1) A Department that prepares students to be successful in a globally competitive and culturally diverse environment, while serving the University-related needs of its faculty, staff and alumni; (2) A branded national leader in anthropology academic programs, scholarship, services and related publications that reflect the University’s heritage; (3) An academically entrepreneurial Department, with an emphasis on reviewing current offerings and exploring new academic opportunities, including the possibility of additional professional research centers; (4) A leader in global partnership with innovative academic, corporate and governmental organizations; (5) A top choice of employers as they search for highly qualified individuals who can become outstanding employees in Bangladesh and beyond; (6) A Department that prepares students for the active civic engagement that is important in a liberal democratic society; (7) A department that offers a diverse spectrum of academic, cultural, social and athletic activities.


Following the perspective plan of the Department of Anthropology, department has developed a road map for academic excellence by widening the scope of anthropological studies in different areas in Bangladesh. These fields include, visual and media anthropology, anthropology of climate change, anthropology of public policy, and many other areas. As part of the road map, Department of Anthropology has introduced courses in the area of Visual and Media Anthropology from last semester. A lot of students have demonstrated their interest in the subject matter. The full operation of the course required some basic infrastructure facilities and academic capacity enhancement and to provide incentives and opportunities to demonstrate the academic excellence in these area. Currently, department has decided to offer the subject matter for post graduate students only. The students of masters, MPhil and PhD can undertake this courses and study areas. The first 5 years of the roadmap is to open and offer post-graduate courses on visual and media anthropology and enhance the physical, human and social capacity of the department to conduct the courses. The future directions in the road map includes developing a separate streamline on this area and offer diversified courses to the anthropology students and non-anthropology students through short courses.


Through the Visual and Media Anthropology Program the Department of Anthropology aims to:

  1. Develop curriculum and module for visual and media anthropology teaching, learning and research.
  2. Enhance the capacity of the young faculties and the post graduate students through development of conceptual and theoretical understanding about visual and media anthropology.
  3. The lab facilities and training on the use of the computer based digital visual technologies will help to enhance the understanding of post graduate students about the role of the new visualizing technologies increasingly used in our technology-driven world.
  4. Improve capacity to the innovative use of images and interactive technology to explore, communicate and interact with data.


In this program, the students will get opportunities to explore the critical and practical aspects of new technologies and its impacts on life, society and environment through various research and documentations.