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The discipline of anthropology in South Asia has been producing platform for the scholars to engage with the diverse sets of life and culture of this region. Needless to say, geo-politically and culturally, the region offers some significant aspects to the social scientists. The Dhaka University Journal of Anthropology "South Asian Anthropology" offers a platform for critical thoughts, interdisciplinary explorations and intellectual endeavours. The journal will publish articles that add to, integrate, synthesize, and interpret anthropological theories and knowledge; commentaries and essays on issues of importance to the discipline of Anthropology; and reviews of books, films, sound recordings and exhibits. The journal aim to bring together scholarship from across the region involved intellectually and academically in the larger terrain of social sciences. While the objective of the journal is to develop a dialogic ground for the practicing anthropologists across the region and enabling the scholars in rethinking about the discipline, it will not be limited and rigid. Perceiving the local to global and local to local, indulging the cross-disciplinary approach and focusing on the region of south Asia, the journal intends to contribute in the pursuit of south Asian anthropology and anthropology of south Asia as well. The journal aims at encompassing the disciplinary fields of anthropology, sociology, political science, south Asian studies, media and cultural studies, archaeology, linguistic and other related disciplines in social sciences. Contributions from both their basic and applied dimensions are welcomed, as well as articles focusing on broad, cross-cutting issues, features, themes, and theories.
We invite scholars from larger terrain of social sciences involved intellectually and academically in the South Asian region to submit articles.
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