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The Anthropology Debating Club (ADC), an active organization run by the students of the department of anthropology at the University of Dhaka, is oriented to the art of oratory and logic. Since 1998 ADC has remained the most successful department based club of the university. The club is not simply a gathering of those with the gift of gab. It is more about finding the inner debater in each and every student of the department. ADC’s focus is not so much on winning but on an enabling environment that can help students grow as public speakers. Its door is open for all who want to revel in the amazing world of good company and great conversations. The club acts as the bridge among students of various semesters of the department and fosters friendship among them. It possesses a strong alumni system that provides the perfect training ground for aspiring speakers. Newcomers are trained one day a week on the basics of debate, on how to generate ideas and form a speech.


Chairperson, Department of Anthropology, University of Dhaka

  • The club organizes various debate fests where a great number of debate clubs from different schools, colleges and universities of the country take part.
  • Holds weekly debating sessions on any issue of concern for the society. These sessions are open for all students
  • Invites guest debaters/speakers with expert knowledge
  • Moderates public debates upon request
  • Takes an active part in different cultural activities of the department
  • Every year, upon successful completion of the annual debate fest, the club members along with the alumni and the faculties of the department go for a 2 to 3 days of outing.

The Moderator, selected from among the faculties of the department, oversees the overall operation of the club.
The Members of the Executive Committee, selected from the students of various semesters, together with the general members of the club work for the smooth operation of the club.